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Why Salary Sacrifice?

Pay for your car before tax

Your monthly car payments come out of your wages before National Insurance and Income Tax are deducted, so you end up with more money in your pocket compared to a traditional lease.

Benefit from the reduced BIK tax rate

To calculate your company car tax, HMRC multiplies your vehicle’s P11D, BIK (Benefit in Kind) tax rate and your personal tax bracket together. BIK tax on Electric vehicles is capped at 2% until April 2025, after which it will increase by 1% each year for 3 years, which is considerably more appealing to drivers than the uncapped BIK rates of up to 37% on combustion vehicles.

Remove the stress out of car ownership

All of our Salary Sacrifice vehicles come with fully maintained contracts. These come with road tax, MOT, servicing, breakdown cover and tyres included, so that you have more time to enjoy your new car. Save on fuel by going electric and never worry about fluctuating fuel costs again.

Drive a brand-new electric car

Choose yourself a new electric car every few years from our wide selection of vehicle options, with a full range of colour, specification and additional options choice. Unlike a company car, salary sacrifice vehicles are yours to drive for business and personal use.

Come to the electric car experts

Over 1 in 5 vehicles that we provided to our Car Leasing Made Simple customers in 2022 were EVs and PHEVs. We forecast this number to increase again significantly in 2023 and beyond.

Green is good!

Combustion engine vehicles create about 1.4 billion tonnes of greenhouse gases every year. Electric vehicles produce less than half of the lifetime emissions of combustion vehicles (including manufacturing).

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