Generate your own indicative Salary Sacrifice calculation on 3 of our most popular vehicles.

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Indicative Quote Calculator

Salary Sacrifice Calculator

Select one of the following examples:

Example One

Cupra Born
150kW V1 58kWh 5dr Auto

Monthly Rental: £622.78
P11D: £36,420

Example Two

Tesla Model 3
Long Range AWD 4dr Auto

Monthly Rental: £839.40
P11D: £50,935

Example Three

Audi Q8 E-TRON
250kW 50 Quattro 95kWh S Line 5dr

Monthly Rental: £1,248.55
P11D: £74,495


Terms and Conditions apply. Provided illustrative example is for this given circumstance. All tax and National Insurance (NI) calculations are indicative pricing for Salary Sacrifice and therefore savings are subject to change and dependent on, but not limited to, personal tax position, chosen vehicle, vehicle availability. Tax and National Insurance (NI) rates may be subject to change. This indicative quote assumes that the employer is unable to recover any of the VAT incurred, as the employer should seek their own tax advice. Please ask for further details or bespoke quotations.
Calculations are based on a 36 month contract. The salary comparison and estimated monthly savings are based off the income tax and national insurance in England only, as of the 1st of January 2023.
The example rates are for a 1+, 36 month, 20,000 mile, maintained business lease, values correct as of the 9th of February 2023.

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